Our vision

Confections OumK aims to preserve the link between mother and child, whatever the mother’s clothing style may be. We work to allow all Muslim mothers to respond comfortably and easily to the primary needs of their babies, while out and about or in company, in keeping with their modesty.

Our mission

We at Confections OumK put a lot of effort into designing, perfecting and bringing you the best products possible that are compatible with our needs as mothers and as Muslimahs. Your feedback is very important to allow us to bring you the best solutions…

Our values

In the spirit of ethical solidarity, Confections OumK strives to work mainly with partners from the Muslim community, large or small. We take pride in giving a helping hand to promising small enterprises and renewing our links with those already well established in the Muslim market.


Confections OUM K is the story of a sister that is passionate about sewing who started designing beautiful styles for her own personal use.

With time, her skills increased and her technique was perfected. One day a new idea was born: to make her creations available to other mothers.

Confections Oum K offers a large range of products designed and tested with care with aim of providing clothing which is practical and adapted to the real needs of sisters who are breastfeeding. She knows all too well the dilemmas encountered in these situations: how to use a sling or baby carrier while wearing jilbab? How to breastfeed modestly and discreetly when invited out? Amongst other issues posed after the birth of a baby. Confections Oum K has therefore reflected on concrete solutions while also thinking about he details that make all the difference!

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